What Is Fooey?

Fooey is everything, but fooey is nothing.

Fooey is the footsteps you hear behind you when you walk alone down an alley, but when you turn to see who’s following you, no one is there.

Fooey is when your reflection in the mirror turns and walks away while you’re still standing in front of it, brushing your teeth.

Fooey is the scratching sound you hear in the attic that sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night, even though you have no attic.

Fooey is the man in the black suit and tie that you bumped into when you went overseas to visit relatives. Even though you’ve visited once a year for the past twenty years, he hasn’t aged a day.

Fooey is that muddy footprint you found at that campsite last year that everyone thought was a mountain lion track, even though that didn’t explain why there were six toes on the print.

We are in progress of collecting the largest known codex of any and all instances of fooey, both personally observed by our many agents operating around the world and found obscured away in the hidden recesses of local newspapers, books and defunct webpages.